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The Career Fair Expo is a virtual career fair platform that extends the opportunity for new and experienced job-seekers to connect with employers looking to recruit and hire diverse talent. (Mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops are all compatible.) Every single online job fair includes:

Live Video Interviews

Engage in live video interviews directly through our Virtual Job Fair platform, creating personal connections that bring your resume to life and propel your career forward.

Real Time Job Board

Our dynamic, live job board keeps you in the loop with the latest openings. Instantly discover roles that match your skills and ambitions.

Companies and Organizations are Hiring!

Join our vibrant online career fair where leading employers are actively hiring! Explore a multitude of positions waiting for passionate candidates like you, ready to make an impact.

Candidates: Why Attend Our Virtual Job Fairs?


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Our virtual job fairs provide job seekers with more opportunities to connect with companies that are actively seeking to diversify their staff.


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Receive personalized guidance and tips from certified career coaches to help tailor your resume and navigate your career journey.


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  1. Create your profile
  2. Choose your industry
  3. Tailor your resume
  4. Interview with employers who are actively hiring!


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The professionals in our network feel more motivated to attend our virtual job fairs because they know that these organizations are committed to diversity and equity.

Employers: Elevate Your Recruitment Strategy


Showcase your company's culture and values on our dynamic virtual platform, attracting the best minds who are looking for more than just a job—they're looking for a place to thrive.


Engage with candidates through interactive webinars and live chats, making real-time connections that highlight potential fit and opportunity.


Simplify the hiring process with streamlined virtual interviews and digital onboarding, allowing you to swiftly secure top talent from anywhere in the world.


Offer continuous professional development and networking opportunities through our platform, ensuring that your employees grow with your company and remain committed long-term.

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